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The OAFP has different Resident & Students programs that have been established to support family medicine in Oklahoma.

  • FHFO Foundation: The Family Health Foundation of Oklahoma was founded to improve the healthcare for Oklahoma, specifically in the rural underserved areas. It does this by ensuring the future of family medicine through the promotion of the specialty and the support of educational activities for medical students and residents in the area of family medicine.
  • FPO Program: This student externship program is designed for medical students who have completed their first year of medical school and who have an interest in family medicine, especially those who want to practice in rural areas. The FPO experience involves interaction with the physician within the community where the student is placed. Participating students spend the month of June with a physician preceptor. Each student receives a reimbursement at the conclusion of the program between $1,000-$2,000. The amount of reimbursement is dependent upon the city/community the student agrees to participate in.

Email our team to ask how you can be more involved in both OAFP programs as well as how to sign up for future Lunch Lectures in Tulsa and Oklahoma City!


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Resident Resources

Find the information you need as a Resident in one place!

Board Prep Review

The In-Training Exam (ITE) administered each year during residency is a great place to begin to identify your knowlege gaps before you take your Board exam.

Explore Info Here

The AAFP maintains a database of fellowships in a variety of disciplines that are available for family medicine graduates. Searchable by location, program type, community setting, and duration.

Residency Wrap Up

As you prepare for graduation from residency, there are many things you must get done in order to meet residency requirements and also to launch the next stage of your career.




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Student Resources

As you prepare for your future in Family Medicine - we want to help answer any questions you might have along the way.

Why Choose Family Medicine

With the broadest scope of all specialties, family physicians have more office visits and practice in more settings than physicians in any other specialty.

a Program

There's more than one way to earn a medical degree. Learn about the differences and similarities among various types of medical school programs.

FCMIG - Learn More

Discover new programming ideas, apply for funding, and create a forum for others interested in family medicine.



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