Steven Crawford Fellowship

2024 Steven A. Crawford, MD Leadership & Health Policy Fellowship

Steven A Crawford MD Leadership and Health Policy Fellowship identifies and supports promising medical students and family medicine residents committed to family medicine policy and advocacy. The Fellowship’s goal is to increase the number and quality of family medicine physician leaders trained in health care policy and leadership at the state and federal level by providing deserving medical students and residents with the requisite funding to participate in family medicine policy creation and advocacy. The program recognizes excellence and achievement based upon a successful nomination and selection process, which includes the candidate’s OAFP history and recommendations from faculty and colleagues. Demonstrated ability and potential to succeed in leadership and health policy advocacy at the local, Oklahoma and national levels upon graduation from medical school and residency will also be part of the selection criteria.

Fellowship must be completed within the 2024-2025 academic year. Awards will be announced in early May. All documents submitted must be in Word or PDF format.

Deadline: April 5, 2024

Contact Kari Ames Webber, EVP – Email


Nate Cross

Stephanie Van Nortwick

Fellow, OKAFP Steven A Crawford Leadership & Health Policy

“The current and future realities of healthcare of ever evolving, making it critical that health care providers speak up for necessary policy and legislative needs. The Stephen A Crawford Fellowship for Leadership and Health Policy is an excellent way for students to work alongside advocates and physician leaders to learn how to support the needs of our future patients and profession. So much can be done now while students and residents, and you will create important, lasting connections to healthcare and legislative leaders in our state.”

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