September Member Spotlight: Sam Ratermann, MD

Member Spotlight | Sam Ratermann, MD Date: September 2020 Member Status: (Active, Resident, Student) ACTIVE.   Where are you currently working or attending school?  Integris Grove Hospital   How long have you been within the OAFP community?  I first joined the OAFP through the Family and Community Member Interest Group as a medical student.   Why did you choose family medicine? Great mentors and my experience with the Future Physicians of Oklahoma Program during medical school.  This is a program funded by the Family Health Foundation of Oklahoma which provides an externship for medical students after their first year of medical school. I was immediately hooked watching a small group of highly skilled family medicine physicians run the ER, clinic, hospital, obstetric, and surgery departments of a small community access hospital.   What has been the most fulfilling moment of your career or education?  The honor to serve as president of the Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians is certainly a highlight!   What has been the most challenging aspect of your practice or education?  Finding creative solutions to meet the needs of patients in a rural area.   What is your work life balance like & how do you achieve it?  As a hospitalist I have the ability to compress my work schedule into fewer days as compared to a traditional office practice.  This allows more time with my family.   What is your favorite quote?  "With great power comes great responsibility."   -Stan Lee   What do you like to do when you're not working?  I enjoy woodworking and time outdoors with my family.  .   Any advice for residents and students finishing their training or education?  Never lose sight of why you wanted to become a physician.  We are blessed with knowledge and skills to help other human beings who grant us the privilege to care for them, sometimes during their weakest and most vulnerable moments.  No matter what is going on, try to take a deep breath before every patient encounter and fully focus on that individual's needs.  You never know the impact your humanity may have on another life.

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