Online Education


The Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians has joined with our partner DCCCA, Inc. to provide 4 one-hour webinars addressing the Oklahoma Opioid Epidemic. Members may access these webinars under the education section of the OAFP Website. Our goal with the webinar series is to provide education to local health care providers on the use of Naloxone and best practices for prescribing as outlined by the Oklahoma Prescribing guidelines. Each webinar will be 1 hour of CME Credit.

March Webinar: Naloxone Basics 

This webinar provides a basic introduction into the need for Naloxone. In this webinar participants will learn the latest data informing the need for Naloxone. Participants will learn who could be at risk for an Opioid Overdose and how to identify an Opioid Overdose. Participants will learn how to administer the nasal spray form of Naloxone. Participants also will learn other prevention strategies: safe use, storage, and disposal to help reduce the rates of Opioid Overdose deaths. Lastly, participants will learn of a local resource that can help connect individuals to treatment.

March Webinar: Co-Prescribing Naloxone and Opioids

This webinar builds on Naloxone Basics and highlights the importance of co-prescribing Naloxone when an opioid is prescribed to a patient. This webinar will provide strategies for engaging patients in conversation about Naloxone and how it can be lifesaving in the event of an accidental overdose. Participants will learn about local resources for free Naloxone and how to connect their patients to this community resource.  

April Webinar: Tapering Opioid Use (Coming Soon) 

This webinar will highlight when opioid use is beneficial for patients and how to monitor safe use in those patients. Participants also will learn more about signs to look for when a patient may be using opioids outside of the recommended guidelines. Participants will learn how to safely minimize the symptoms of opioid withdrawal while maximizing pain treatment and identify when to taper opioid use in patients. Considerations for safe tapering and prescribing guidelines also will be discussed.

May Webinar: Non-Opioid Treatment for Pain Management (Coming Soon)

During this webinar, participants will learn about ways to treat chronic pain without the use of opioids. Participants also will learn how to identify when opioid use is the most appropriate form of treatment for chronic pain and learn more about appropriate dosage. Additionally, the webinar will highlight the Oklahoma Prescribing Guidelines and discuss state strategies.