The Family Health Foundation of Oklahoma

The Family Health Foundation of Oklahoma (FHFO) is the philanthropic arm of the Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians (OAFP). It is committed to improving the quality, availability, and affordability of health care by supporting research, education, and other projects in the discipline of family medicine.


The mission of the Foundation is to improve the healthcare for Oklahoma, specifically in the rural underserved areas. It does this by ensuring the future of family medicine through the promotion of the specialty and the support of educational activities for medical students and residents in the area of family medicine.



– Advance Family Medicine: to promote educational and research activities in the area of family medicine.

– Educate and support students: To support educational programs and activities which expose medical students and residents to the profession of family medicine.

– Inform the Public: To educate the public on family centered health issues.

– Encourage philanthopy: To encourage philanthropy and involvement from family physicians, the corporate community, and the general public to support the missions of Family Health Foundation of Oklahoma.



The future is ours to write.

We have a vision for the Oklahoma of tomorrow. In it, all Oklahomans are strong, healthy, and thriving. As the current generation of Family Physicians working to realize this vision, it is also our responsibility to cultivate future generations of family doctors. If you share this vision, accept this responsibility. Together, we can recruit and train the best and brightest to continue our tradition of excellence.


Join the President’s Club of the Family Health Foundation of Oklahoma and the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation by donating at least $1,000 annually.

Please contact Kari Webber at for information on how you too can become a President’s Club member.

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