Maintain Your Membership


Active members must report at least 150 credits of approved CME every three calendar years (i.e., during their re-election cycle). The 150 credits must include at least 75 AAFP Prescribed credits and 25 credits from live activities.

An exemption of the 25 credits from live activities is allowed for members who submit evidence that they are providing medical care outside of the United States in a missionary/charitable practice setting for a period of more than 12 months.

Members in other AAFP membership categories are not required to report CME but may do so to maintain a centralized CME record.

Stay Involved

In the past year we have seen so many members stay committed to our organization even throughout the largest healthcare crisis many of us have ever seen. We appreciate the dedication of our members and encourage all members to stay involved through the following:

  • Quarterly Magazines: Be sure to check out the quarterly magazine provided by the OAFP for the latest industry information and articles from fellow members.
  • Online Education Seminars: Do you know of a seminar that would be of interest to other members, email with recommendations that can be added to our events calendar.
  • Social Media: We encourage all members to follow the OAFP on social media. You can click on the links and social icons on the bottom of this website!

Get Involved

Every year we welcome new members to the OAFP and see existing members becoming more involved. Here are a few ways we could use your help throughout the year:

  • Content Contributor: We would love to share any insights, articles, or information that you might have to fellow members through our website, social media, email and our magazine.
  • Advocacy: With the start of each new year we introduce new initiatives at the state Capitol. We would love to have you part of the OAFP Strike Force and connect you with our Advocacy Representative, Dawn Watson.

Choice CME Partners