February Member Spotlight

February Member Spotlight | Kyle French, MD   Member Status: (Active, Resident, Student)  Active   Where are you currently working or attending school?     I work for Integris Medical Group in Oklahoma City.  I have practiced Family Medicine at the same office in South Oklahoma City for almost 12 years.     How long have you been within the OAFP community?       I have participated in OAFP since I was a resident with the Great Plains Residency Program in 2009.   Why did you choose family medicine? What has been the most fulfilling moment of your career or education?   I chose family medicine because it was the perfect blend of what I wanted to do in medicine.  I wanted to help care for patients and their healthcare needs but also build a relationship with both them and their families that lasts.  I love to see patients and talk about how their family is, find out about their new grandchild, or have them tell me about their last vacation.  Also I really enjoy the variety that family medicine brings – it is never boring and there is always something new and different. I don’t know that I can boil my career so far down into a single most fulfilling moment.  The most fulfilling thing to me is doing my dream job, getting to work with great co-workers (fellow doctors and staff), and building long-lasting relationships with patients full of respect and trust.   What has been the most challenging aspect of your practice or education? The most challenging aspect of my practice is trying to balance work and family life.  It has always been a challenge and will always be a challenge.   What is your work life balance like & how do you achieve it?     The balance between work and home life is very difficult.  Working in a full time practice and finding time to be both a husband, father, son, and friend is very challenging.  The biggest thing I try to do is stay in the moment of whatever I am doing.  If I am at work, I give work 100%.  If I am with my family or friends, I try to give them 100% of my attention and time.   Who is your biggest role model?   My biggest role models in life are my parents.  Their example of marriage and being a parent is something I aspire to every day.  They have also supported me though good and bad and always pushed to do and give my best in everything I do. My biggest role models in my professional career were by attendings from Great Plains Residency Program – Dr. Neal Clemenson, Dr. Tomas Owens, Dr. Phil Palmer, and Dr. Terry Truong.   What is your favorite quote?     “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney      What do you like to do when you’re not working?     When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family.  I enjoy playing games, playing golf, watching sports (especially OU), and vacationing to Disney.   Any advice for residents and students finishing their training or education?  Take time with patients to both listen to them and get to know them.  Sometimes it takes more time and will cause you to run behind, but I promise you it will be worth it.  Many times you can figure out what is wrong with a patient just by taking the time to listen.  It also will build a patient’s faith and trust in you and help you as your doctor-patient relationship continues to build and progress over time.  I have also found it helps make my job that much more fulfilling.

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