February 2024 Resources

February is American Heart Month and the OAFP has created custom graphics to be used within your practice! Click on the links below to download graphics for Facebook/Instagram, Twitter and in office Flyers.

  1. Facebook/IG Graphic 1
  2. Facebook/IG Graphic 2
  3. Twitter 1
  4. Twitter 2
  5. Flyer 1
  6. Flyer 2

We would like to provide a Flyer and Social Graphics in honor of National Cancer Prevention Month. This can be handed out to each patient, placed at your reception desk, or shared via email to patients.

  1. Flyer
  2. Social Graphic 1
  3. Social Graphic 2

Additionally, we would like to also provide you with social graphics for your use in honor of Rare Disease Day. These can be shared via email with patients or posted to your social media account.

  1. Social Graphic 1
  2. Social Graphic 2
  3. Social Graphic 3
  4. Social Graphic 4

Lastly, we will provide this information via email to all members as well as additional resources throughout the month. If you do not currently receive the OAFP member email, please let us know!


Thank you,

Your OAFP Communication Team

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