February 18 – 2024 Update

Scope fights have broken out at the legislature as we continue to fight Physician Assistant rules at the medical board.

This week, SB458, the APRN scope bill from last session, by Sen. Stanley and Rep. McEntire, passed the House floor. It will return to the Senate for acceptance or rejection of amendments. If approved, it will go to the governor. The bill was put on the fast track by House leadership despite our efforts. We will keep you posted.

In addition, House Floor Leader Echols filed language into a shell bill, HB3965, to allow for Physician Assistant independent practice. (This is why we track shell bills.)  Rep. McEntire has taken over as bill author. The committee substitute for the measure allows for independent practice but not for prescribing of Schedule II drugs. This is scheduled for a hearing in House Public Health Wednesday.

Meanwhile, this coming week on Thursday, Feb. 22, the medical board is set to consider rules regarding PA prescribing authority. It is unclear if the legislation could have an effect on the rules decision.

Amid all of that we have worked on our proactive measures as well as others moving through the process:

  • HB3190, Rep. Newton, is our prior authorization bill and we are still working to have Chairman Sneed hear the bill. OSMA and OOA have decided to throw their full support behind our bill so that momentum could help. The insurance companies are fighting hard and using all the intimidation tactics their deep pockets can afford to scare members away, but our authors are standing strong. The second bill, SB441, Sen. Garvin, is scheduled for a hearing Tuesday. Both bills will have amendments as we move forward.
  • Our preceptor tax credit bills are both scheduled for committee Monday. HB3351, Rep. McEntire, although he is now behind both the NP and PA scope expansions, is also our author for the preceptor tax credit bill. SB1504 Rep. Kristen Thomson, is the Senate version of our preceptor tax credit bill.
  • HB2997 Randleman, relates to the definition of psychologists for the purposes of prescriptive authority, passed through committee.
  • HB3249, Rep. Olsen, expands provisions for requesting school vaccine exemptions, is set for a hearing Wednesday.

Please plan to attend Medicine Day at the Capitol on March 5. There is no registration required. Just plan to show up at 1:30 p.m. in your white coat and meet on the 4th floor for further directions. The event will conclude with a reception from 5-7 p.m. at Harn Homestead.

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