Fast Talks with Family Docs



Fast Talks with Family Docs

The official OAFP Podcast!

We are proud to announce our official podcast is available to listen now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify! Get ready to be captivated by the passion and expertise of our hosts as they guide us through the vibrant world of Family Medicine in Oklahoma! Join the OAFP in exploring the fascinating stories and incredible contributions of our local physicians through Fast Talks With Family Docs.

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We are so excited to dive in with you to the diverse realm of Family Medicine through Fast Talks With Family Docs! Hosted by OAFP members Dr. Vedala and Dr. Palmer, this podcast unveils the myriad ways Oklahoma’s local docs are revolutionizing healthcare in our communities. From rural practices to urban clinics, join us as we explore how these dedicated professionals are shaping the future of medicine right here in Oklahoma.

Meet the Hosts!

Dr. Phil Palmer

Podcast Co-Host

Phil Palmer, MD, FAAFP is a board-certified family medicine , sports medicine, and lifestyle medicine physician with Integris Health and is a core faculty member with the Integris Great Plains Family Medicine Residency Program. He is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, and then completed the Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center Family Medicine Residency and the OUHSC Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship. 

He previously served as Chair of the Department of Family Medicine at Deaconess Hospital in OKC and also served one term as Chief of Staff. He is currently Medical Director of the Great Plains Family Medicine clinic and is one of the two Oklahoma delegates to the American Academy of Family Physicians Congress of Delegates.  He also serves as a Colonel in the Army Reserve Medical Corps.

He is married and is the father of four grown children. In his free time, he likes to read, is very engaged with his church and teaches a Sunday school group, and most of all loves to roadtrip across Oklahoma and America with his wife.


Dr. Veer Vedala

Podcast Co-Host

Raghuveer Vedala, MD, FAAFP, Dipl. ABOM is a board-certified family and obesity medicine physician at Norman Regional’s Primary Care – South OKC clinic. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, completed his residency at Wesley Family Medicine in Wichita, Kansas, and chose family medicine for the chance to build patient relationships and offer diverse care.

In his free time, he enjoys traveling with his wife, being a foodie, playing with his dogs, ballroom and Bollywood dancing, karaoke and keeping up with personal fitness.

“I’m excited to be on Fast Talks with Family Docs Podcast because it lets me promote family medicine, celebrate what makes it great, support my fellow family physicians, learn from inspiring people, and be involved in advocacy in my state. I’m so thrilled to be a part of this project! Can’t wait to see what’s next on Fast Talks!” – Dr. Vedala


Meet the Guests!

Dr. Syeachia Dennis

Podcast Guest (Episode One)

Syeachia Dennis, MD, MPH, FAAFP is a certified family physician with an extensive background in health education, promotion, and policy. Formerly an associate professor and assistant resident program director at the OU-TU School of Community Medicine in Tulsa, she is now in healthcare administration and most importantly is the current President of the Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians!

“Thrilled to be the inaugural guest on the OAFP podcast, Fast Talks with Family Docs! This podcast is an opportunity to speak on the uniqueness of our specialty, the diverse landscape in which we practice, and share what makes family medicine so impactful. Huge thanks to Dr. Phil Palmer and Dr. Veer Vedala for shining light on family medicine in Oklahoma!”


Dr. Abbey Woods

Podcast Guest (Episode Two)

Abbey L. Woods, MD is board certified in Family Medicine and has been practicing in the Oklahoma City area since completion of her residency. She is married with one daughter. Her husband was born and raised in South Oklahoma City, and his large family has deep ties to this community.

Dr. Kyle Rickner

Podcast Guest (Episode Three)

Kyle Rickner, MD is a native Oklahoman having graduated from Kingfisher High School and Southern Nazarene University. He then attended Medical School at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine in Cleveland, OH before returning to do his residency at Great Plains Family Medicine in Oklahoma City.

His career as a physician started in the US Army where he served at Ft. Bragg, NC both as a staff physician and as a battalion surgeon in 82nd Airborne division in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Dr. Rickner has also practiced in private group practice and corporate medicine practices. He has maintained a strong interest in clinical research and has been both a director of Clinical research and a chairman of IRB. He states “Having Clinical research as a key component of Primary Health Partners keeps us on the cutting edge of developments in medicine.


Kari Webber, OAFP EVP

Podcast Guest (Episode Four)

The Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians is excited to share this episode with Executive Vice President, Kari Webber!

Dr. Calin Kirk

Podcast Guest (Episode Five)

Calin Kirk, MD is a physician at the Cherokee Nation’s Sam Hider Clinic in Jay, Oklahoma, where she has practiced for 6 years. She did her residency training at the OU-Tulsa School of Community Medicine.
Her husband is a teacher and coach. She and her husband have 2 boys and lots of pets. She enjoys spending time outdoors, watching sports, and traveling with her family.

“I love working for Cherokee Nation and impacting the health of my fellow Native Americans. I really enjoy treating opiate addiction and hepatitis C in my practice and we discuss that in the episode. I see a tangible change in these patients’ lives in a relatively short time. Working where I do, I have several multi-generational patient families, which I think is one of the best parts of Family Medicine, caring for the whole family.”


Dr. Mitchell Duinick

Podcast Guest (Episode Six)

Mitchell W. Duininck, MD, FAAFP is the President and CEO of In His Image, Inc. and the Program Director of the In His Image Family Medicine Residency. This program emphasizes training doctors in Christ-centered, whole person medicine and preparing them to care for the medically underserved in the United States and globally. Many of the graduates of this program are full-time medical missionaries. Dr. Duininck is also the CEO of In His Image International and Good Samaritan Health Services. He is board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Medicine. Dr Duininck was the 2022-2023 President for the Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians (OAFP).

Dr. Duininck has done medical missions in many countries, including India, Kenya, Ghana, Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Russia, Romania, and the Czech Republic. He has led multiple crisis response teams to Zaire, Honduras, Indonesia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal, Iraq, and Turkey.

Dr. Duininck and his wife Leah have six children, ten grandchildren and two on the way. As a family, they served at Manna Mission Hospital in Ghana, West Africa, for two years. They also lived for one year in Kabul, Afghanistan, helping train Afghan physicians in the Hope Family Medicine Afghanistan (HFMA) Residency Program.

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