Evidence-Based Assessment of Bereavement and Grief in the Era of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has been a time of loss. Loss of simple freedoms. Loss of social interaction. Loss of financial stability. And most poignant of all, loss of life.

In order to combat the heightened breadth and depth of potentially traumatic exposures facing the nation’s youth, it is critical that clinicians and helping professionals are equipped with actionable information, based on the most current evidence, to recognize and address critical presentations of grief.

Join presenter and Director of Education in Evidence-Based Practice for the UCLA/Duke University National Center for Child Traumatic Stress, Christopher M. Layne, PhD, for a webinar from the REACH Institute.

Learning Objectives:

Following this webinar, learners will possess:

  •   A clearer understanding of the concepts of bereavement, grief, and mourning
  •   Looking ahead: The future of grief (prolonged grief disorder proposed for DSM-5-TR)
  •   Some key distinctions between trauma- and bereavement-related disorders
  •   Guidelines to help differentiate between normal and disordered grief reactions
  •   Practical steps for beginning to detect and address bereavement in their setting
  •   Tips and resources to apply tenets of bereavement informed care in their practice


  •   Mental Health Clinicians
  •   Primary Care Providers
  •   School Mental Health Partners
  •   Community Health Professionals


Registration: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/REACHBAG1

Contact: kristen@thereachinstitute.org

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