Celebrating 75 Years of the Family Medicine Association’s Growth and Success

Celebrating 75 Years of the Family Medicine Association's Growth and Success On behalf of the Family Medicine Association, we are thrilled to be celebrating our 75th-year anniversary! It is an achievement that we are incredibly proud of and one that we couldn't have reached without the hard work, dedication, and passion of our members, leaders, and all those who have contributed over the years. From advocacy and continuing medical education to networking opportunities, we have come a long way since our inception. We want to celebrate our success and progress over the years and recognize the people who have made it possible. As Family Medicine Physicians, this milestone is an opportunity to look back, recommit to our values, and chart a course for the future. Membership OAFP has come a long way since our humble beginnings in 1948, when we started with only a small group of physicians with a shared vision of creating an organization that would advocate for the field of family medicine. Our members have worked tirelessly to advance family medicine in Oklahoma and across the United States. Their hard work has propelled us to where we are today. We are grateful for the dedication of our members throughout our 75 years, and we look forward to continuing our growth in the years to come.   Advocacy Our association is a leader in advocacy programs that influence policies and laws affecting family medicine. We advocate for our members and patients' best interests on the local, state, and national levels. Over the years, we have worked with regulatory and legislative bodies to promote patient-centered, comprehensive, and coordinated healthcare. We have succeeded in getting family medicine recognized as an important and vital medical field, and we are proud to have contributed to numerous legislative victories. As we celebrate our 75 years of growth and success, we renew our commitment to advocacy and to contribute to creating a better healthcare system for all.   Continuing Medical Education Our association has been providing continuing medical education (CME) services since the early years. We believe in providing ongoing education that helps physicians to be more effective in their clinical practice and patient care. Our CME programs are designed to keep our members updated on new research, best practices, and emerging therapies. Over the years, we have also developed innovative CME programs that encompass the diverse roles that family physicians play in healthcare delivery. We are proud of our contributions to the advancement of family medicine and remain committed to developing educational programs and resources that support our members throughout their careers.   Networking Networking has always been a vital part of our association. We believe that the power of connectivity can help our members grow and improve their practices and the field as a whole. Our annual conferences, workshops, and other networking events have provided numerous opportunities for family physicians to connect with peers, share their experiences, and learn from each other. We understand the value of building relationships in healthcare, and we are committed to fostering the spirit of collaboration and interaction among our members. As we celebrate this milestone, we want to thank our members, leaders, and all those who have contributed over the years. It is your hard work, dedication, and passion that have brought us to where we are today. As family physicians, we remain committed to providing the best care for our patients and advocating for our members' best interests. We look forward to the years ahead with enthusiasm and the spirit of achievement. Happy 75th Anniversary, Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians.   The Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians

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