Board of Directors

2019 Officers


  • Syeachia Dennis, MD Tulsa, OK
    Phillip McGee, MD Oklahoma City, OK
    Jami Benton, MD Enid, OK
    James E. Wight, MD Ada, OK
    James Swanson, MD Blanchard, OK
    Lee Mills, MD Tulsa, OK

AAFP Delegates

  • Tomas Owens, MD
  • Pam Ahearn, MD

AAFP Alternate Delegates

  • Brad McIntosh, MD
  • Phil Palmer, MD
Being part of the OAFP Board of Directors has been a great honor throughout the years. We focus on making direct impact statewide and are able to see initiatives come to life through the support of our entire team.

2019 OAFP President

Sam Ratermann, MD

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