Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians

Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians

Our Oklahoma Chapter and their members are focused on supporting statewide efforts that directly impact Family Physicians across the state. This is done through three primary initiatives:

  1. Supports Residents & Students: Provides direct support to our Residents & Students through scholarships, our FPO program, and continued education.
  2. Membership: This allows for our chapter to provide ongoing CME, the annual Scientific Assembly, regular luncheons and webinars, and Choice Partnership support.
  3. Advocacy: Our chapter has a legislative consultant who works year round to ensure that your voice is heard at the capital.

Every donation that is made to the OAFP goes directly to our chapter. We greatly appreciate your support!

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OAFP Resources

Below are a variety of resources that you mind useful as a member, student, resident or partner with the OAFP. If there is any information you are not able to find - please email our team and we will include that here!

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