Legislative Update – Week of March 20, 2023

Last week was a much lighter one at the legislature because they took off the last of the week for spring break. This week promises to be much busier as it is the first floor deadline. Here are the highlights from last week: ·         HB2172 - adds medical care provider to the list of persons it is a crime to threaten, intimidate or harass by use of an electronic communication device by knowingly publishing, posting or making available personally identifiable information. The measure clarifies that the law would not apply when the incident is unrelated to the provider's professional duties. This measure passed the House floor and is headed to the Senate. ·         HB1963 – This measure that would expand the state’s telemedicine law passed the House floor. It would require health plans to cover health care services provided through telemedicine from an out-of-state specialty hospital as long as the patient is referred by an Oklahoma-licensed physician. It also would allow out-of-state physicians recommended by Oklahoma physicians to provide services to Oklahoma patients. The health care lobbyists are watching this measure closely so that it still provides access to patients but does not open the door too much for providers who are not licensed in the state. ·         HB2154, which extends protections against assault and battery against health care professionals to all health care facility personnel, passed the House floor. ·         HB2424 – which allows pharmacies to dispense and sell a wider variety of opioid antagonists to counteract overdoses, passed the House floor. Let us know if you have any questions and wish us luck with the first floor deadline!

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