OAFP Members, As rumors of early adjournment swirl, legislators are working to get their remaining bills through the process. Some bills are ready for acceptance of amendments made in opposite houses while others have been sent to conference. We shall see if they can finish revisions and voting before the budget is finished. Here’s an update on some of our issues:
  • Medicaid – SB1337 has been sent to conference and we expect it to be amended in the coming week. We have discussed possible protections, like a required investment in primary care, with bill authors. The bill as it is written now would allow for the establishment of provider-led accountable care organizations or contracting with managed care organizations to manage aspects of the ACOs.
  • Opioids – SB888, which was a carry-over from last session regarding pain management clinics and opioid regulation, started moving again and the author has stated he wants to pass the bill. The measure has been sent to conference to work out details and we will speak to the author about not placing all the burden on primary care physicians.
  • Newborn screenings – The governor signed SB1464, which would require, to the extent practicable, the list of newborn screenings to be identical to the Recommended Uniform Screening Panel of the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. The hope of the bill authors is that this could mean Oklahoma adds newly recommended screenings quickly and thus helps as many newborns as possible obtain potentially lifesaving treatments as promptly as possible.
  • Health information exchange – SB1369, which updates the state’s statutes regarding health information exchange, is set for acceptance of House amendments Monday. The measure would create the office of the state coordinator of the health information exchange within the Oklahoma Health Care Authority and directs the office to oversee the state selected health information exchange organization. All providers unless exempted by financial hardship, size or technological capability, are required to report information to the exchange by July 1, 2023. Providers included will be defined by rules of the OHCA.
Please let us know if you have any questions and we will stay in touch as the last few weeks of session wind down.

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